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Get To Know Us!

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How We Became CandE

Chris and Elisabeth met in 2018 during their training as Game Wardens in North Carolina. They hardly spoke during the training week, but come Friday afternoon they were stuck at the hip until Sunday evening. They fit whatever outdoor adventures they could into those weekends. Backpacking to roast chicken nuggets on a mountain top under a starry sky.  Riding motorcycles to hidden waterfalls. Hiking rugged trails of the Appalachians in cowboy boots and a beer in hand.

Unfortunately, once training was complete they were stationed 7 hours apart. Many times they took turns driving the 14 hours there and back to see each other for a day. They took a giant leap and resigned to start new jobs together. Chris expressed his desire to start a YouTube channel to document their adventures, and Elisabeth was more than ready to take on the creative challenge! Thus...Chris and Elisabeth Adventures (CandE)

More Chris?

Of course you want more Chris. He is the charisma. The pageantry. The hair. He is the backbone of CandE Adventures!

Chris has a degree in Criminal Justice. He is a former Fireman, former Special Forces Green Beret, former Game Warden, and former bass player of several bands. It is as though he has lived many lives, but here is he pursuing yet another life as a Content Creator.


More often than not, he is coming up with all the concepts for our videos. He always incorporates his interests in our filmed adventures - fishing, hiking, boating, motorcycles, hunting, conspiracy theories, and fitness.

Likes:  Little Caesar's Pizza - Steel Panther - Snow Skiing 

- Last Man on Earth - Vegan Hotdogs - Mona

Dislikes:  Mandatory Seatbelts in Cars - Puzzles - Government Overreach - Hugs

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More Elisabeth?

The main editor and graphic designer. The straight man to all the shenanigans. She does the detail-oriented, behind-the-scenes work of CandE Adventures!

Elisabeth has a degree in Fisheries, Wildlife and Conservation Biology. She is a former Game Warden, former computer programming instructor, and former invasive snake biologist.

If she is not editing, she is playing video games or drawing. She likes to dabble in weight lifting, snowboarding, fishing, and annoying Chris with affection.

Likes:  Sour Gummy Candy - Final Space - The Prince of Egypt Soundtrack - Braveheart

Dislikes: Black Coffee - Grey and White Interior Design 

-Umbrellas - Pandas

More Mona?

Our dear Taotaomo'na (Mona for short). Named after the Chamorro spirits, our little haunted dog has taken on many nicknames and many adventures already!

She was found as a feral puppy on Guam, where they are often referred to as "boonies." We swore off getting a dog while we were in Guam until we found this 6 pound puppy in the middle of the road.

She is scared of trash bags, but she is fearless when it comes to climbing waterfalls, swimming in vast oceans, and protecting us from wild chickens.

Likes: Cuddles with Chris - Chewing Plastic - Walking Between People's Legs - Sprinting

Dislikes: Raw seafood - Loud noises - Being left behind

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